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Franchise Opportunity

Regional Franchise

For more information, please download the following Overview.

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Working for yourself instead of others is a great step on the way to future security and wealth. However, as most sole-traders soon discover, if you are doing it all yourself there comes a point when, unless you work ridiculously long hours, you reach your earning capacity and have nowhere further to go.

Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot provides an ideal business opportunity for self employed people with small- business administration experience and a pratical bent, to take a confident next step to further success.

A Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot franchise provides a tried-and-proven formula for ambitious people to increase their income potential. It is an ideal business for those who want to remain hands-on, but learn the extra skills of staff employment, production processes and marketing in a gradual, controlled manner, with lots of help along the way.

A Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot franchise can be developed at your own pace, in stages, until you are satisfied with the size of your business:

Stage 1
The franchisee and one assistant, both actively engaged in installation work.

Stage 2
The franchisee supervising and driving sales, with a support crew of two installers.

Stage 3
The franchisee supervising and driving sales, with two or more installation crews. Obviously, by employing staff and manufacturing your own products for sale, your personal earning capacity increases dramatically. And you might even be able to get time for regular rounds of golf, a spot of fishing, or a laze on the beach.

Sales & Installation Franchise

For more information, please download the following Overview.

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We now require additional Sales & Installation franchisees to complete spouting installations on new and existing homes.

A Spouting On The Spot sales and installation franchise is an ideal opportunity for competent trades/manual workers with sales and planning skills to take a confident first step to self-employment and business success.

The benefits of a Spouting on the Spot Sales and Installation Franchise 

  • Earn while you learn – We will provide full training in which time you will be paid a working wage.
  • National Brand
  • No ongoing franchise fees
  • Continuity of work, through our Yellow Pages, website, and by using our proven local marketing techniques, you can expect a far more consistent flow of work than an independent operator is likely to enjoy.
  • Ongoing support from your Regional Franchisee
  • The opportunity to earn more – with well-developed systems, support and exclusive supply deals you can expect to earn more than as an independent operator.
  • Reduction in your financial risk
  • The chance to generate wealth

The sales and installation franchisee will be responsible for: 

  • Measuring jobs for the regional franchisee to quote on
  • Following up quotations with customers
  • Installation
  • Cleaning and repairs to existing spouting
  • Sales and installation of Gutter guard, and rainwater collection systems
  • Ensuring customer service standards
  • Ensuring work quality standards
  • Promotion of brand within the area
  • Developing sources of referral business

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a successful Spouting-on-the-Spot franchise?
  • You need to have a strong customer-service ethic.
  • You need to relate well to customers.
  • You need to be a good planner, and a good organiser.
  • You will need to employ and manage staff.
  • You need enthusiasm and initiative
  • You will need basic computer literacy to use our automated quoting and billing systems (although training is given for those that have never used a computer before!)
  • You do not require previous building or spouting experience, as full training will be given.
What can you expect to earn as a Spouting-on-the-Spot franchisee?

A Spouting-on-the-Spot business can be profitable from sales of less than 3 installations per week.

The potential for motivated franchisees is far greater !!!

Why do people buy franchises?

Buying a franchise gives you the opportunity to run your own business, along proven methods and possibly in an industry in which you have no previous experience. The variety of types of business and levels of investment on offer is enormous, and it is important, therefore that you take your time and do your homework first. Although the failure rate in franchising is much lower than that in many other new businesses – 95% of franchisees in 2000 reported profitability – there are still risks involved, and it will be very hard work, particularly in the first years.

What rights do I buy?

In buying a business format franchise, you are buying the right to run a system that someone else has proved will work. You have the benefits of trading under what may be a very well recognised brand name. There should also be on-going support from the franchisor, and an agreement, setting out the terms of payment, and the obligations of both parties.

What should I do?

You should research the company fully and be sure to speak to existing franchisees. First and foremost, you must ensure that it is a business that suits you – it is going to take up a lot of your time that you may not have. You have to be realistic about the amount of money you need to make, and choose a business that should cover that. Like any other business, a common reason for a franchise to fail is too much money being taken out too early.

What training is there?

We provide one to one training, where we physically work, develop and establish your area with you. We believe this, combined with our dedicated support team, presents an exceptional opportunity for the right people.

Before considering taking this opportunity any further, it is worthwhile for you to take the time to consider if franchising is indeed the right option for you. Please consider the following points carefully before deciding to continue

Am I able to operate under someone else's guidelines?

As a franchisee you would be working within a clearly defined set of procedures and codes of practice. The Franchisor sets the standards, rules and regulations and although you may have a degree of input into these, it is the Franchisor who defines the operating systems. Although you will own your own business, you will not be free to run it however you wish, but rather be subject to the Franchisor’s rules, which are reasonable and designed to benefit the entire chain of franchise owners.

Do I realise that the franchisor is not responsible for my success?

You will receive a great deal of support from the Franchisor and the support team, but your success ultimately depends on your own commitment and drive. It is in the Franchisor’s best interests for you to do well and your success will be positive for the entire Spouting-on-the-Spot group. You can expect them to provide a high level of support and ncouragement, but at the end of the day it is your business.

Am I fully committed to providing the highest level of service to customers?

The reason a Spouting-on-the-Spot franchise is a recipe for success is that it provides systems and support to overcome many of the weaknesses and negatives homeowners perceive in the building trades.

You can only succeed with a Spouting-on-the-Spot franchise business if you are truly committed to customer service and to being so much better than the independent operators in your area.

Initial Application

To find out more information, please download the following document and return to us.

Thank you for your interest. 

Download PDF

The Franchisee Application Booklet is a comprehensive document that asks you to provide detailed information that we will then evaluate against the criteria we have established for the ideal franchisee.
We can assure you that the information you provide us will be kept in the strictest confidence and will only be used for its intended purpose of considering your suitability as a Spouting on the Spot franchisee, please return your completed application and signed copy of the Confidentiality Covenant at your earliest convenience.
On receipt, we will evaluate your application and contact you to arrange the next stage.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to your continued interest.