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Warning Signs!

Always check for leaks in your home.

Imagine if water from heavy rainfall got in behind the exterior walls of your house overnight without you noticing. What kind of damage could that do to wall linings, boards, panels, and electrical?

That scenario is what your guttering and spouting is protecting you from. It simply moves water away from your house. When it works as it should, rainfall is no problem for a house.


Here's a quick checklist to run through

(Best to run through it every few months)


Leaves building up?

When did you last check your gutters and spouting for leaves, moss and dirt? Take a look today.


Overflowing gutters during heavy rain?

During heavy rain, grab a brolly and have a quick check around outside. Seeing overflowing gutters in the corners of your house near down-pipes? Get it sorted.


Cracks or rust in gutters or spouting?

If you have PVC spouting check for cracks and broken bits that commonly occur with age or with a falling branch from a tree. If you have stainless steel gutters look out for rust spots and holes – that’s an early sign of that action is required and there may be other problems you can’t see.


Gutters not quite lining up straight?

Over time brackets can come loose and your gutters can move out of place a bit. This can create pools of water to stay in the gutters rather than draining away. It would be good to get them straightened up.

Need help with any of these problems?

  • We’ll pop around to deal with your issue
  • We’ll give you a quote on the spot
  • We can deal with urgent work straight-away
  • We’ll do an assessment on the rest of your spouting too so you’ll be informed of any potential problems you need to get on top of


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