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Alx Brackets

Meet a Smart Alx!

If you are building a new home or even replacing existing spouting, then you NEED to meet Alx! Why? Alx is the ONLY compliant bracket currently in New Zealand for continuous spouting.

Without walking you through long technical explanations, it’s as simple as this…In 2011 the NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice changed and subsequently so did the NZ and Australian Standards meaning that some existing brackets for spouting were and still are NOT in compliance with NZ standards. It’s all about keeping your home as waterproof as possible (remember that leaky building thing??) which meant something had to change…that change is Alx!

Very Smart Alx!

Creators (including an engineer AND a tool maker) spent a year making Alx – including research for the right material to withstand the NZ conditions. This resulted in using Marine Grade aluminium, to ensure Alx WON’T corrode. Alx incorporates a 10mm spacer to create a 10mm gap between the spouting and fascia – or in simple terms, making Alx compliant and further protecting your home from excess water overflow from your spouting.

Alx complies with NZ Standards and building code – without 10mm, the danger is that the overflow may go into the roof cavity, causing a leaky home. PLUS, without that 10mm gap, you may not have the code of compliance issued – causing delays and costing you extra.
● Alx installs the same as other brackets, so there is no extra time or work created.
● Alx doesn’t cost any more. You’ll receive modern technology, but without the huge price tag.
● Alx is only used for the 125 Classic and 1⁄4 round spouting options (the two most popular options for new homes).