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There’s nothing quite like Copper – Perennial favourite of architects and designers worldwide, European Copper is the ‘icing on the cake’ for many designer homes and adds a touch of class to older character homes as well.

The Benefits of Copper:

  • Long-lasting – properly installed copper meets the full building lifetime durability required by the Building Act
  • Proven over centuries of use – copper is the only plumbing material with years of proven trouble-free service
  • Durable – copper is enormously strong and can withstand extremes of temperature from minus 196° to 600°C
  • 100% natural and recyclable – It is fully recyclable, with a worldwide recycling rate higher than any other engineering metal
  • Versatile – copper is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, gas and water reticulation, hot and cold water, solar and central heating and that is in the plumbing and gas-fitting fields alone
  • Impermeable – contaminants cannot permeate from the external environment
  • Biostatic – most bacteria cannot grow on its surface. In fact, copper acts as a natural inhibitor to bacterial growth, with tests showing that 99% of opportunistic pathogens are eliminated from copper tubing in just 5 hours
  • Safe – won’t melt, burn or give off toxic fumes in a house fire
  • Good for you – copper is essential to health and diet. The minute traces of copper in tap water supplied through copper plumbing are good for you